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Tulip & Tonic Introducing:
Glow From Home- Virtual SkinRx

Are you busy and unable to come in to the studio for in person treatments?

Are you located outside of Vermont or the Middlebury area?

Are you looking for trustworthy skincare advice from a licensed skincare professional with products and routines that ACTUALLY work?

Would you prefer private, remote skincare treatments and fully customized routines with ongoing support anytime, anywhere?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, then you are a great candidate for our remote skin revision bootcamp. 

Treatment Menu 
*Prices below are a one time onboarding fee, followed by a monthly membership fee of $49

Meet & Greet


  • 30 minute consultation

  • Personalized assessment of skin, goals and current product usage.

  • Follow up email with recommendations

  • Access to curated list of skincare products designed for your skin.

Part- Time


  • 45 minute consultation

  • In- depth skin analysis and assessment of goals, past treatments and current product usage. 

  • Personalized treatment plan with details product recommendations, and usage instructions.

  • On-going email support with two check-ins per month.

  • Exclusive product discount of 10% off skincare products.

Full -Time 


  • 60 minute consultation plus- one 30 minute complimentary virtual session 2 weeks into your program to check progress.

  • In-depth skin analysis and deep dive into lifestyle and dietary habits, assess goals, past treatments, current product usage including hair products that may be impacting skin health. 

  • Detailed routines with a personalized routine that is curated for your skin condition.

  • Advanced guidance on addressing discoloration, acne or early signs of aging.

  • Continuous email support and special access to our esthetician via extended hours.

  • Exclusive discount of 20% off skincare products.

  • 2 Day express shipping on all orders.

  • VIP access to new products and treatments

How does Virtual SkinRx work? 

Remote skincare consultations offer clients the convenience and expertise of professional skincare guidance from the comfort of their own home. Here's how they typically work:


 Scheduling: Clients can schedule a remote consultation appointment through our online booking system or by contacting the skincare consultant directly.


Preparation: Before the consultation, clients will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about their skin concerns, current skincare routine, any allergies, and products they are currently using.


Discussion: During the consultation, our esthetician will discuss your skincare concerns, goals, and any specific issues they want to address. They may also ask additional questions to better understand the client's skin type and history.


Assessment: The esthetician will ask the client to show their skin through the camera or describe any specific areas of concern. They will assess the client's skin condition, identify any issues or potential problems, and offer personalized recommendations. This can also be done via photos and video is not always required.

**Photos however DO need to be clean skin, ideally in natural light so our esthetician can see your skin as close to in person quality as possible. Please use the rear camera as photos are much higher quality. 


Recommendations: Based on the assessment, the esthetician will provide tailored advice on skincare products, routines, and lifestyle changes that can help improve the client's skin health and address their concerns. They may recommend specific products, ingredients, or treatments suitable for the client's skin type and concerns.


Follow-up: After the consultation, the client may receive a summary of the recommendations discussed during the session as well as any necessary info handouts. The esthetician will also follow up with the client to check on their progress, answer any additional questions, or make adjustments to the skincare routine if needed on a monthly basis. **First month is 2 check-ins.


Ship Your New Routine or Product Pick-up: We offer convenient pick up at our Middlebury location. This can be touch-less/grab and go if your prefer, or we can have our esthetician go over your products in person at checkout if you prefer human contact. (This option does require advance notice as Alex is in appointment during business hours.)

If you would rather have your new routine shipped to your home, that's great too! We ship USPS and you generally will receive your items within 72 hours of your paid invoice.  

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