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Scalp cleansing- dryness, itching and how to help

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Do you wash your hair daily?

If you answered yes than you are among the majority of Americans. Many people think that they have a naturally oily scalp and that they NEED to wash their hair every day, when in fact this is not true.

Without boring you with the chemistry behind why shampoo works, shampooing your hair removes dirt, oil and any other buildup on your hair and scalp. This unfortunately means that it is also taking away and stripping your hair and scalp of your natural oils. When you lose the natural oils that have been built up in your hair your scalp overreacts and becomes even more oily in an attempt to replenish itself.

This then makes you say, “Oh no my hair is all greasy again I guess I need to shampoo” and you are now caught in this vicious cycle of daily washing and believing your scalp is oily. I wash my hair twice a week, sometimes only once. Now that being said this does not mean you cannot shower, get your hair wet or even condition daily. Best recommendation I can give is to wash your hair once every 2-3 days but condition daily.

There are so many benefits to putting down that shampoo bottle for a couple days.

To start off, this can greatly decrease the amount of time it takes you to get ready in the morning, which means you can sleep in a little later. Now if you’re like me, that extra 10-15 minutes of sleep can be extremely beneficial.

Your hair in time will feel softer, smoother, less frizzy and overall healthier. You’ll also be saving money since you won’t be using as much product, your bottle of shampoo will last so much longer! If you’re someone who experiences dry flakes or dandruff regularly, you may notice that after you take the time to let your scalps natural oils balance out that you will experience less itchy dry flakes.

As a stylist, my favorite benefit might be the longevity of color! If you get your hair regularly colored you may notice that over time your color begins to fade, all color will fade after a while, but if you shampoo daily, you’ll see that color lift away so much faster.

I have so many clients who have noticed such a huge difference in how long their color lasts since they have decided to put down the shampoo.

I would like to let you know as well that it can take about 4-6 weeks for the natural oils of your scalp to balance out. You may notice your hair still feels oily or greasy for a while between shampoos while your scalp is overreacting and trying to replenish its supply of oils.

But if you can push through that month you will reap the benefits! I mean let’s be honest guys, most of us are stuck at home during this stay at home order, use this time to get your scalp back in line! PUT DOWN THAT SHAMPOO BOTTLE and love your scalp!

Just to note, we are always available for product recommendations and have a variety of excellent hair products available.

Written by Samantha Nary and Amanda Stockli Freeman

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