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What the heck is a digital skin analysis, and WHY do I need one?

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Professional skin analysis is an integral part of a healthy skincare routine and a great way to keep an eye on potentially dangerous skin changes such as melanoma. Traditional skin analysis uses a lighted magnifying lamp and/or a black light called a Wood’s lamp to assess skin conditions that are visible to the naked eye.

Digital skin analysis allows modern technology to take things a bit further. This machine takes a series of photographs on various spectrum of light to see things that are not visible to the naked eye, both above and below the skin’s surface to create a multi dimensional image. Some of the categories that are included in an advanced skin analysis are:

-Sun damage and UV/Age spots

-Hydration and Oil production

-Fine lines and wrinkles

-Pore size

-Skin texture and irregularities

-Hyperpigmentation from sunburns, post breakouts or hormonal changes

-Porphyrins from bacterial growth from acne lesions and unerupted acne

This comprehensive compilation of images allows us to create a customized treatment plan to target and correct your skin concerns while tracking progress on a deeper level of the skin, for improvement you can see.



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