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Winter Skin- Dryness and Flaking

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Thanks to the chilly temperatures and heaters blasting dry, hot air, winter goes hand in hand with dry, flaky skin. We always say how important it is to stay moisturized and hydrated all year round, but especially in the cold, winter months. Many ask if they should exfoliate in the winter or will it be too harsh? The answer is yes, it is important that you exfoliate!

Exfoliating during winter is necessary because dead skin cells reduce the amount of absorption you get from the products you apply, and increase winter dryness and irritation. This means that moisturizing alone won't be effective without exfoliating since it can't fully penetrate your healthy skin to hydrate it. But there can be too much of a good thing. If you exfoliate too often your skin will become even more dry and irritated making you feel like you need to exfoliate more.

By exfoliating you are removing layers of dead skin cells and also restoring your skin and releasing fresh skin cells. Have you ever wondered why your skincare products aren’t working as well for you as they seem to be working for others?

The reason can be because you lack physical exfoliation.There are many ways to exfoliate. There is physical exfoliation, such as scrubs or brushes, and chemical exfoliation, such as topical products with retinol or certain acids like mandelic, lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids.

The first step is choosing the right product(s) for you. Whether it's physical or chemical exfoliation, we can give you the best recommendations for your skin type!

This exfoliation rule doesn’t just apply to your face; your body needs exfoliation as well. Maybe your knees or elbows have texture or could use some brightening. Exfoliating would be a great place to start in trying to make your soft skin dreams come true.

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